Our Shows

Melbourne Topless waitresses and waiters – please note we require a minimum booking of 2 hours.

Raunchy Show

This show is great starter for any party, your dancer will strip herself nude ( if a mixed party can request a g- string to remain on ) she will use cream or oil all over herself and the boy of the night – this show is tease!!

Bubble Bath

Why not sit back and watch your dancer finish off her sexy show by ending up in a Bubble Bath, why not watch her wash every inch of her body with a wet sponge and the lucky boy of the night gets to join in- lucky him ( no mess involved )

Strawberries & Cream

Mmmm this show sounds yummy alright, that’s because it is!! Your dancer will let you eat strawberries & cream off her hot sexy body – great show to watch and be a part of !

Raunchy with the LOT

Let me guess you Can’t decide ?? Well Raunchy with the lot is the right show for you , it combines a Raunchy show, Strawberries & Cream and a Bubble Bath- so it’s a triple winner for you !

Hot Vibe

Wanting more ? well this show is for you . Pick one of our Hot performers to give you a show you will never forget ..this show involves your dancer inserting vibrators , pearls or or something else in her precious private palace of hers – this show will get your heart racing !!

Hot Vibe & Bubble Bath

Still not enough ? How about watch your dancer get Hot and Steamy whilst she performs her Hot Vibe show , then watch her cool herself down by ending the show with a cool sensual Bubble Bath which includes the Buck.

Fruit & Veg

Got to love your Fruits and Veggies right ? Well let one of our dancers perform a “down and dirty show ” while she shows you how your fruit and veggies can be put to best use possible ” just watch and see ” -same as hot vibe but using fruit and veg as a vibrator

Hot Vibe with Everything

Still not sure ? Try this show then , this show includes everything from Strawberries & Cream, Hot Vibe Show and finishes off with a Bubble Bath.

Double Lesbian Act with Vibes

Is it getting Hot in here ?? I think so , this show involves your 2 dancers get that ” hot and steamy ” with each other , kissing , touching and let’s not forget the fact that this is all happening right before your eyes- Vibes are also used and double ended dildos. MUST SEE SHOW!!!!!

Double lesbian Act with Strap on

This show involves 2 of our sexy dancers getting “up close and personal” with each other whist using double ended dildos and strap on’s to create one Mind Blowing Show for all you guys watching!!

*****Speciality Shows By Some Of Our Performers Are Listed Below *****


Unleashed Hamburger with the Lot special- Performed By Simone, Kandice & Sash

Hamburger with the Lot.. MMM..Yum..Need i say more! Yes Thats right Guys, This show has it ALL! Pearls, Candles , Vibrators, Fruit and Veg and the major finale includes a strap on for the buck to wear! What are you waiting for? Must See Show!

SXS SEXY SINS performed by Simone

This show has it ALL guys show includes Toys, Anal, Fisting , Double penetration and lets not forget the Strap on the buck gets to wear.. what more could you ask for really ? Must see show!

BDSM performed by Dallas & Kandice

Did someone say bondage? this show includes lap dance, collar and leash, discipline, spanking, whipping, bondage, hot candle wax, vibrators and a vaginal squirt..need i say more ? Book Now!

Pornstar Playtime – performed by Dallas

The title of this show says it all this show includes lap dance, moisturisers or oils, demonstration of Dallas’s favourite vibrators and toys, dildo shooting, simulated face f#@king, fruit and veg, Lolly pop and a final vaginal squirt!! Must see show!!

Golden Shower

Use your imagination boys – Fantastic show and not “that ” messy.. LOL!

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